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Frequently Asked Questions

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Mass Emails

Are there any limitations associated with mass emails? (Number of recipients, image resolution, etc. )"

There isn’t a known limit on the number of recipients. The maximum image size requirement is 650 pixels wide.

What image formats are acceptable for the mass emails?

JPG, GIF or PNG formats are acceptable for mass emails.

In mass emails, can I allow my clients to see doctors’ notes and medical records (lab tests, Rx)?"

This is not a feature AllyDVM currently offers. This functionality is currently being explored and may be available in the future.

Are push notifications available?

No. Push notifications are not available at this time.

Retention Calendar

What is the Retention Calendar?

The Retention Calendar displays all of your hospital’s upcoming appointments as far ahead as they are scheduled in the PIMS. The purpose of the Retention Calendar is to help hospitals retain their current clients and improve the quality of their data by resolving ‘Alerts’ for upcoming appointments to drive additional visits to your hospital. Alert Icons:

  • Pawprint: For any active Pet(s) in the same household that is overdue or coming due (within 30 days) for reminders and they have not scheduled in the past 2 days or the next 7 weeks.

  • Bell: Any active pet with less than 2 medical reminders in the PIMS so either 0 or 1 reminder is on file.

  • Email: Missing or invalid email.

  • Cell Phone: Missing or invalid cell phone number in the mobile phone area of the PIMS.

  • Bad Physical Address: Missing or invalid mailing address.

Pawprint and Bell Alerts: Do these include Exotics which will usually have 1 reminder for the exam?

Yes. The recommendation is to check the box “All alerts disabled” within the Patient Detail page under patient information. This will only remove the alerts from the calendar but the patient would still receive a medical reminder if scheduled to do so.


Appointment Confirmations

Can multiple appointment confirmations be included in a single email? Example: A client has an appointment for boarding and a medical service so they are on two different calendars. Is this going to be sent as two emails or one?

Email and text appointment confirmations are triggered off an appointment date, so a client will receive a confirmation email and/or text for each appointment they have.

How did a client confirm their appointment with text but there is an alert for a missing cell phone on the RC?

The missing cell phone alert will appear when there is a missing or incorrect phone number entered into the mobile field in the PMs. When AllyDVM sends out text reminders, if the mobile cell phone field is blank, the system will then look for a number in the phone number field in the PMs. In some cases, this phone number field contains a mobile number, and the text message can be delivered.

Does AllyDVM offer real-time appointment booking that writes back into my PMS?

This is not a feature AllyDVM currently offers. NVA’s recommended online booking vendor is Vetstoria.

Can I add online booking (Vetstoria) to my healthcare reminders?

Yes. You can add your OBT link to your text and email reminders. To add to email reminders, click on the Insert/Edit Link button within the Automatic Communication email templates. To add the text reminders, simply paste the link in the text message template field.

Can I add my OBT link on the Mobile App?

Yes. You can add your OBT link to the Mobile App. To configure this, click on Practice Profile. Click Appointment Requests. Check the Override box and place your OBT link in the free form field. Click Save.

*NOTE: It may take up to 3 business days for this to be updated for iOS (Apple devices).

Healthcare Reminders

When are medical healthcare reminders sent to clients?

The default is for reminders to be sent out on the 1st and 16th of each month.

When are medical healthcare reminders sent to clients?

Email and text reminders are sent out a certain number of days before a client is due for services. We recommend the following cadence:

  • 90 days before due: email & text

  • 60 days before due: postcard

  • 30 days before: email

  • Due date: email & text

  • 30 days after due: email & text

  • 60 days after due: postcard

  • 90 days past due: email


When are medical healthcare reminders sent to clients?

The default is for reminders to be sent out on the 1st and 16th of each month.

What time will clients receive text and email reminders?

These are sent out at approximately 6pm on the 1st and 16th of each month. There may be up to an hour delay and you are able to see the time they received reminders in their Client Detail, under communications.

Can multiple pets be included on a single medical healthcare reminders?

Yes, multiple pets are combined on a single postcard. Email and text reminders are triggered off the Reminder Due date, which is attached to the pet, not the client. As a result, a client may receive multiple email and text reminders if they have more than 1 pet coming due/overdue for services.

Can I change the cadence of my email, text and postcard reminders?

Yes, the cadence and content of your email, text, and postcard reminders can be changed at any time.

You can make these changes yourself in AllyDVM, or reach out to us via our Marketing Support Request form


Loyalty Program

I am already using a Loyalty Program. Will my clients lose all of their coins when we move to AllyDVM?

No, your hospital’s existing loyalty program will be migrated over to AllyDVM if your PIMS is AVImark, Infinity, or Cornerstone. AllyDVM will be able to upload clients’ coin balances from a CSV file which needs to include the Client Name, Client ID, and ending coin balance.

How do clients access information about the Loyalty Program?

They can log into their Patient Portal on the desktop or their mobile app and select Loyalty Program.

How will I communicate to clients about the new Loyalty Program?

A mass message has been preloaded under the Mass Email section of Communications. You will send this out when you launch the Loyalty Program.

Can PAW Plan sales be excluded from coin accrual?

Yes. Any invoice item can be excluded from accruing coins. These can be changed in the Loyalty Program settings.

Are coins added to my PIMS?

No, the coins are located only on the AllyDVM platform. You can view the coin balance on the Retention Calendar, Client Detail or the Coin Balance Report.

How are coins deducted from a client’s balance in ALLYDVM?

If the client redeems a reward from either the web portal or the app, ALLYDVM will automatically deduct it at that time from their balance in the ALLYDVM dashboard. Then once they come into the hospital for that reward, whoever is checking out that client would just need to click on the button “Mark Fulfilled” in the Client Detail under Loyalty Program.

Two-Way Text

What number will my clients see when a text message is sent from AllyDVM?

For most hospitals, clients will see a six-digit number. This number will remain the same for all incoming/outgoing text messages.

Some hospitals may select to use their hospital’s landline number for texting.

My staff is used to taking photos from their phones and sending via text to clients from their Zipwhip app, is this something they can do with AllyDVM?

Yes. AllyDVM is a cloud-based program so your staff can log in from a Google Chrome browser on their phones and send text messages with pictures.

Can I use my hospital’s landline number for texting?

Yes, your hospital’s landline number can be transferred to AllyDVM. This requires a $112 one-time setup fee.

NOTE: During the rollout, this option is only available to hospitals previously using ZipWhip. Our Onboarding Team will handle all ZipWhip cancellations and line transfers.

What happens if we receive a text message from a number that is not in the PMS?

When your hospital receives a text message, AllyDVM will try to match the sender to a client within your PMS. If the sender’s phone number is not in your PMS, you will still receive the message but it will be received as an email.

For additional details on text messaging, please review the AllyDVM Texting Toolkit.

Can I send mass text messages?

This is not a feature AllyDVM currently offers.

Mobile App

Can I download the Mobile App and view the client experience?

Yes, you can download the PetPage mobile app by searching “PetPage” in the App or Google Play store. Use the following credentials to check-out the client experience:

PetPage Mobile App

  • Available from the App Store or Google Play

  • Username:

  • Password: ally1234

PetPage Portal Login

For more information about the Mobile App, please review the AllyDVM Mobile App Toolkit.

How do clients sign-up for the PetPage Mobile App?

Clients can sign-in by using the same email address in your PMS.

A client signed up with the PetPage app but cannot view their healthcare records or appointment history?

Make sure the client is using the same email address within your hospital’s PMS. If the client is still having trouble accessing their information, please contact the Marketing Help Desk.

Does the PetPage Mobile App support push notifications?

This is not a feature AllyDVM currently offers.

Will my website be updated with links to the PetPage portal?

Yes, if your hospital’s website is managed by NVA your Onboarding Specialist will submit this request on your behalf during onboarding.

Sister Sites (Multiple Locations)

How does AllyDVM handle sister-sites (hospitals with multiple locations)?

AllyDVM defines a “sister-site” as 2 or more locations that share a PMs. If the PMs have been configured so that each hospital is set up as a “company”, then each hospital will have its own instance of AllyDVM. This means each hospital will manage their own email, text, and postcard reminders, Retention Calendar, direct messages, etc. Each location will have its own version of the Mobile App. This is the recommended configuration for a sister-site.

If 2 or more locations share a PMS but are not configured as companies, then these locations will share the same instance of AllyDVM. This means multiple hospitals will need to share reminders, Retention calendars, direct messages, etc. The Mobile App will be set up for the primary hospital (as determined by the PMS). This has limitations and is not recommended.

Will clients be able to access all locations via the mobile app?

This will depend on how the hospital has chosen to configure AllyDVM. If each hospital has its own instance of AllyDVM, the client will view the Mobile App of their primary hospital.

If multiple locations share an instance of AllyDVM, the Mobile App will only be set up for the primary location. Clients will view the Mobile App of this hospital, even if they visit one of the non-primary locations

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