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AllyDVM Onboarding

Resources for sites onboarding to the AllyDVM Platform

Table of Contents

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Intro to AllyDVM

AllyDVM is NVA's preferred Client Engagement Platform.  AllyDVM is a better alternative to Vetstreet, offering much more than just email, text, and postcard reminders!

Why AllyDVM?

Pet Parents

  • New ways to interact with your clients

  • Modern emails, texts, and postcards

  • Loyalty program

Hospital Managers

  • All-in-one platform: reminders, mass emails, mobile app, texting!

  • Easy workflow to keep client information updated

  • Drive revenue; higher compliance rates for hospitals using AllyDVM

  • Reporting to gauge impact

Field Ops

  • Enterprise level reporting

  • Custom build "Operational Scorecard"

Key Features

Key Features

The image below highlights many key features AllyDVM has to offer. Each of these features is covered in more detail throughout training and additional resources found on the AllyDVM Support Portal. 

Key features_AllyDVM.png

On average, AllyDVM sends less postcards vs. Vetstreet, resulting in a cost savings for more features.



AllyDVM Pricing Guide April 2023.png
Onboarding Process

Onboarding Steps

Onboarding Process


(Non-Converted Only)


Schedule manual install

(10 minutes)

Schedule setup meeting

Sign-up for training

(10 minutes)

Manual Install (non-converted hospitals only)

What is this? Remote install of AllyDVM software (HM will be sent a link to download TeamViewer)

Who is involved? HM and AllyDVM

Link to schedule: SCHEDULE INSTALL

Setup Meeting

Attend manual install

(10 minutes)

Attend setup meeting

(2 hours)

What is this? Meeting to setup and customize AllyDVM settings, text, email, and postcard reminders

Who is involved? Onboarding Team and HM

Link to schedule: SCHEDULE MEETING

Cancellation of existing reminder vendor

Cancel existing vendor

(If applicable)

(~1 week)

What is this? If a hospital is using another reminders vendor, cancellation of services must be completed before enabling AllyDVM

Who is involved? Onboarding Team (responsible) & HM (informed)

How long will it take? 1 week - 30 days, depending on vendor

Enable AllyDVM

(15 minutes)

Enable AllyDVM

What is this? After existing platform is cancelled, the Marketing team will enable communications within AllyDVM

Who is involved? Onboarding Team (responsible) & HM (informed)

How long will it take? ~15 minutes, typically completed next day after existing reminders vendor cancelled


Retention Calendar/2-way Text Training (1 hour)

Mass Communication Training

(30 min)

What is this? 2 separate trainings, Retention Calendar & 2-Way Text and Mass Communication Training

Who is involved? Marketing (trainer), HM (trainee), & CSRs (trainee)

Link to schedule:

Retention Calendar & 2-way

Mass Communication

Onboarding Complete

ZipWhip Cancellation: Considerations

  • ZipWhip requires 30-day cancellation notice to end billing

  • Main-line phone number can be transferred to AllyDVM at any point during those 30 days ($112 one-time fee)

  • Main-line phone number transfers take AT LEAST 2 BUSINESS DAYS to complete

  • Access to ZipWhip platform is lost when main-line number is released

  • Text message conversations from ZipWhip cannot be imported into AllyDVM

Demo Register

Register for an AllyDVM 1-Hour Demo

Man's Best Friends

Interested in learning more about how AllyDVM can benefit your clinic and seeing the platform for yourself?

This one hour demo, hosted by a subject matter expert from our AllyDVM team, provides a comprehensive overview of the platform's features and capabilities, and allows time for follow-up questions. 

Onboarding FAQs



How will my clients be impacted by AllyDVM?

Client impact will vary, depending on the current reminder vendor and services you are using. If you currently use a mobile app your clients will need to switch over to AllyDVM's mobile app. 

We closely coordinate cancellation of existing reminder with enabling AllyDVM reminders to minimize disruption and reduce likelihood of clients missing reminders.

How do I promote the mobile app and 2-way texting to my clients?

AllyDVM offers a mobile app and patient portal - this means if your clients are using a mobile app/portal from a previous vendor, they will need to switch over to the PetPage app.

Additional promotional materials can be found in the Marketing Toolkits section.

If you are looking for something custom, reach out to your MBPs!

Does AllyDVM write-back to my PIMS?

AllyDVM currently offers write-backs for AVImark, eVetPractice (Covetrus Pulse), Vetter, and Rhapsody

Who will help me after I am converted?

Please see Need Help? section.

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