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AllyDVM Training Resources

Live training and pre-recorded how-to videos for AllyDVM

Our AllyDVM Training Resources page contains videos, links, and information for many features AllyDVM offers. Our team strives to update this page regularly with new videos and information that can help you get the most from AllyDVM.

Table of Contents

Live Training

Whether you are new to using AllyDVM or would like a refresher, we offer 3 live trainings that review day-to-day functions of AllyDVM: The AllyDVM Demo, Retention Calendar & 2-way Text Training, and Mass Communications Training.  

Live Training

Mass Communications


Retention Calendar & 2-way Text


If you need to get information to your clients, whether an emergency has happened and you need to send a mass email, or if you would like to announce a special going on. This training will help guide on how to communication with your clients.

This training reviews day-to-day usage within AllyDVM. It provides an in-depth review of the Retention Calendar, alerts, communications, 2-way texting, direct messages, and requests.

Video Tutorials

We understand life at a practice can get busy quickly.  If you are unable to attend a Live training session we have broken them out into small videos highlighting the different material within AllyDVM. We are continually in the process of adding new videos* as new information and upgrades come out to AllyDVM.

*If you can't find what you are looking for or have suggestions for videos you would like to see please email

Retention Calendar Video Tutorials

Retention Calendar Pre-Recorded Videos

This series of pre-recorded video tutorials for AllyDVM will walk users through the Retention Calendar, how to read and respond to the different types of alerts, and how to manage confirmations. Check back frequently as new videos are added on a regular basis. 

Direct Messaging Video Tutorials

This series of pre-recorded videos for AllyDVM will walk the user through using the Direct Messaging features within AllyDVM.

Direct Messaging Pre-Recorded Tutorials

Communications Video Tutorials

Communcations Pre-Recoded Video Tutorials

This series of pre-recorded videos for AllyDVM covers various aspects of Communications with clients, such as creating Mass Emails and updating your Announcements. Check back frequently as we are always adding new step-by-step video guides to this library. 


Pet Portal Login Assistance

What to do when a client says they are having trouble setting up their pet portal credentials:

  1. Verify that they are using the email address that is on file with the practice.

    • In order for the client to have received the app announcement, they do have to have a valid email address on file. It is listed in the setup instructions that they must use that address to login, but it never hurts to verify.​

  2. Check the Email Verification status.​

    • Search for the client in the 'Clients' section of AllyDVM and open their 'Client Details' page by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.​

    • Scroll down to 'Contact Information'. Under this section, check that the Email Verification status reads "verified". Point of escalation: If the status reads "spam_report", please email and provide the client's name and ID so that we can have them cleared from the spam report.

    • If the Email Verification status reads "bad", make sure there are no typos. Update the email address directly in the PMS. The client will be sent a new app announcement email in a few hours and they can start setting up their credentials again.

  3. If the Email Verification Status read "verified", check the Digital Health Records Registration status.​

    • Go back up to the top of the 'Client Details' page to the 'Summary' section. The last field in this section is the Digital Health Records Registration status. If it says "Email Confirmation Sent", please have the client check their spam folder if they have not already.​

      • NOTE: Some email providers may block links within emails that have been filtered to Junk or Spam. If this is happening, continue to Step 4.​

  4. If they are still unable to locate the email, it can be resent.​​

    • Direct them back to the sign-up page. There is a link that says "Didn't receive confirmation instructions?". This will take them to a second page where they can enter their email and the confirmation email will be resent.​

      • You can also do this for the client.​​

**If the client states that the confirmation link is not working, try Step 4: Resending the confirmation email. If the link is still not working, please email and provide the client's name and ID.

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