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BirdEye & Online Review Management

Resources to help you get the most from your BirdEye reviews

Digital word-of-mouth is a key marketing tool for ensuring happy clients as well as expanding your business and market penetration. Resources include best practices for client engagement, brand management, responding to negative reviews and empowering clients to share and multiply community awareness of your business.

Table of Contents

Typing on the Computer

Asking for Reviews = More Reviews!

The more reviews you have, the more trustworthy your business looks. The more trustworthy your business looks, the more likely your business will show up on search queries and News Feeds. That’s not the only benefit. Most of the time, the customers who are motivated to leave reviews are those who had extremely negative experiences. By soliciting reviews, businesses can fight the inherent negative skew that can hurt their review profiles.


Sending Review Requests to Clients

Sending Customer Experience Requests

Review Request Template

Customer Experience Template

BirdEye’s Customer Experience Request tool allows you to request feedback and reviews from customers via email and text.

*Yelp is excluded due to their policies against review solicitation.

General Practice Template

How To Send Review Requests

Sending Manual Requests for Reviews to Your Clients

5 Steps

5 Easy Steps to Send Requests for Reviews to Your Clients

1. Export client details from your PiMS.

2. Format client info into BirdEye upload template.

3. Upload contacts into BirdEye.

4. Measure your progress.

5. Manage your contacts. 

For detailed instructions on each step of this process, please download the 'Sending Requests for Reviews to Your Clients' document below. 

Manually Uploading Contacts

Manually Uploading Cotacts

Use this easy to follow video to lean how to manually upload contacts to BirdEye. 

BirdEye Response Templates 

BirdEye Response

Responding to reviews is easy with ready to use response templates for any type of review. When responding to a review, the templates can be used as is or edited for custom verbiage once a template has been chosen. The document below provides current response templates in BirdEye.


Adding and Using the NOSURVEY Code

Adding a NOSURVEY code into your AVImark will allow you to prevent a survey from being automatically sent to a particular client. This can be particularly useful if a client will have back-to-back visits and the second visit involves a euthanasia.



Learn more about your performance online and with clients with new reporting dashboard - 'Insights'. Track client sentiment for key words and service categories. Learn more below with a brief video introduction to this new feature.

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