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Thanking our pet parents for putting their trust in us. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our clients have experienced new procedures for curbside services, increased wait times, and even temporary hospital closures for a select group of hospitals. Despite all these changes, clients remained loyal to your clinic, continued to schedule appointments for their pets, waiting in their cars until their companion received the required medical care. Thus, it is a great time to show gratitude to pet parents for supporting your business during the pandemic.

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Marketing Resources

The Gratitude Marketing Toolkit

Gratitude Toolkit

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Gratitude Email Banners

Email Banners - Gratitude

To download the banner below, click the image, a new window will open up. In this new window, right-click the image and save to your computer.

Grateful_allydvm image 2 8.31.2020.png
Grateful allydvm image 1 8.31.2020.png
Grateful AllyDVM image 3 8.31.2020.png
Grateful allydvm image 4 8.31.2020.png

Gratitude Social Media Graphics

Social Media - Gratitude

To download the content you want, click the image, a new window will open up. In this new window, right-click the image and save to your computer. 
Need help with social media? Click here to download our Facebook best practices guide

Facebook Banners

Grateful Web Social_fb cover-16.png
Grateful Web Social_fb cover-17.png
Grateful Web Social_fb cover-18.png
Grateful Web Social_fb cover-15.png

Facebook & Instagram Posts

Gratitude social post 3 8.31.2020.png
Gratitude Social post 1 8.31.2020.png
Grateful Web Social post 2 8.31.2020.png
Grateful Web social post 4 8.31.2020.png
Grateful FB post ginger cat grateful to
Grateful ginger cat 9.1.2020.png
Grateful FB post avian .png
Grateful fb post avian 2.png
Grateful fb post cat dog grateful
Grateful cat dog fb post 9.1.png

Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards

To download the card you want, click the image below and save to your computer.

Gratitude Card pet 8.31.2020.png
Gratitude Cards cat 8.31.2020.png
Gratitude cards v1 8.31.2020.png

Instructions to Order

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