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Online Booking Tool (OBT)

Allow your clients to book appointments anytime, anywhere.

Your online booking tool is crucial to the success of not just your website, but your entire client experience. Boost your appointments, client retention, and satisfaction by optimizing your online booking tool. Included are helpful marketing resources to get you started and share the convenience you provide. 

Table of Contents


Onboarding, Set-up, and Training Materials

Watch a Previously Recorded OBT Demo!

Online Booking Tool (OBT) Metrics

OBT Metrics

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OBT Demo for Onboarding Locations

A walk-through of the front-end client experience and a brief overview of configuration settings. Recommended for locations onboarding to OBT.

OBT Optimization

A deep dive into the settings, analytics, and configurations to optimize performance. Recommended for locations looking to improve their online bookings.

OBT Training for New Managers

A combination of a demo & optimization. Recommended for new location managers who need access to their online booking tool.


Pre-Recorded Video Tutorials

We know how busy it can get in-clinic, that's why we strive to create informative pre-recorded video tutorials to teach you more about your Online Booking Tool platform, and to manage updates when you need them most.


Marketing Collateral

Chrome browser users only:
When you download these images, they will have a .webp extension.  This is a new image type from Google that loads faster than a .jpg or a .png.  It will upload to your social media or other places the same way that a jpg or png image file does.
If you’re not using Chrome, the file will download as a .jpg or .png

Email Banners

To download the banner you want, click the image, a new window will open up. In this new window, right-click the image and save to your computer.

Schedule appt online ally email banner v
schedule appts on app 8.24 v1.png
Schedule appt online v4 ally banner 8.24
Schedule appts on website or app v2 8.24

Social Media

To download the content you want, click the image, a new window will open up. In this new window, right-click the image and save to your computer. 
Need help with social media? Click here to download our Facebook best practices guide

Facebook Covers

Book Online Cover Photo Feline-FB Cover


To download the flyer you want, click the image below and save to your computer.

OBT flyer Jan 2020.png
Flyer--Online Booking Feline2 feline 6.2
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