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Indoor Social Distancing

Keeping our space has never been more important than it is now.

To ensure we can provide safe service, at a distance, please utilize the information below. Resources include hospital team guide, and client communication resources.

Table of Contents

  • How to Implement Indoor Social Distancing

    • What We've Learned

    • Best Practices Overview Checklist

    • Social Distancing Intra Team & Outdoor Client Interaction Guide

    • Indoor Social Distancing Protocol

    • Cleaning Protocol

    • Cellular Credit Card Terminal Info

    • Safety Tool Kit Pricing

    • Reception Hygiene Partition Image

    • Floor Sticker Example

    • CareCredit Guide

  • Marketing Resources


How to Implement Indoor Social Distancing

How to Implement Indoor Social Distancing

To help you implement social distancing in your practice, we've created a number of downloadable guides and information you can access below. Click the guide you'd like to download to get started. 

Marketing Resources

Social Distancing & COVID-19 Flyers

Flyers - Indoor Social Distancing

To download the flyer you want, click the image below and save to your computer.

Hand Washing 8.5 11.png
Social Distancing Flyer Dog_8 11.png
Social Distancing Flyer Feline_8 11.png
Social Distancing Flyer_032320.png
Call before Entering Flyer_032320.png
Handshake Free Flyer_032320.png
COVID19 Flyer - Feline.png
COVID19 Flyer - Canine.png
COVID 19 Flyer - Both.png
Face Mask Flyer_Cat.png
Face Mask Flyer_Dog.png
COVID Prevention Flyer_032320.png
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