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Vistaprint ProShop

Discounts on all your printing needs!

NVA has partnered with Vistaprint to bring your hospital discounts on marketing materials such as in-clinic signage and business cards, promotional items, shipping and more! Check out NVA’s ProShop portal to personalize NVA designs for programs like Share the Love client referrals and online booking OR drop in your own design to a Vistaprint template to print and ship.

FREE shipping on orders over $50 and up to 50% discount already included in the ProShop prices!

We’re constantly adding new designs so check back regularly for updates!  

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Unable to locate the design you are looking for? Let us know below.
How to use Vistaprint Proshop

How to Use Vistaprint ProShop

To get started with the Vistaprint ProShop, simply register for an account and start customizing! Download our Training Guide below for everything you need to know to find, customize and order your items.

Vistaprint Training Guide

Creating a Vistaprint ProShop Account

Creating a Vistaprint ProShop Account

To access NVA's ProShop, you need to first register for an account. If you have an existing Vistaprint account, you will need to create a new account for the NVA ProShop to receive the NVA discounts offered.

  1. Click HERE to register.

  2. Enter your NVA hospital email (ex: and create a password.

  3. Use your hospital name as the First Name and Last Name. No non-NVA email addresses will be allowed access.

Customizing Products in the Design Studio

ProShop Overview

Customizing products for your clinic with Vistaprint ProShop is easy! Watch our easy to follow video below, or downloadable guide which will take you step-by-step through creating your personalized products. 

Custom Design

Creating Unique Custom Designs - Coming Soon!

The NVA Vistaprint ProShop offers a great variety of ready-made templates and designs, and it also offers the freedom for you to create unique designs for signs, banners, flyers, and more. Check back frequently as we will be adding videos and guides showing you how to create one of a kind designs for your clinic.

Vistaprint ProShop allows you the freedom to upload your clinic's unique logo and print whenever you need. If you need access to a high resolution version of your logo, please email
FAQs - Vistaprn ProShop
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